Progress and Discoveries…

I’ve recently begun to use Dragon speech to text software to write my current novel.

Muscle pain in my arm, shoulder and neck (residue issues from a vehicle accident a decade ago) began hampering my typing, and I was having to take longer breaks before I could resume what I was doing.

Pleased to say I’m making progress, and the pain has reduced.

There are a few words that have created confusion. I blame my accent for today’s ‘back’ being heard as ‘bach’…

I have old posts over on my Carol’s Corner blog that I’d like to revisit, and use on my archive page. Speech to text will help make the transfer simpler.

While I was searching through memory sticks looking for old photos of Tunbridge Wells for one of those revisited blog posts, I came across a handful of my unfinished short stories.

(I remember writing them-when I was using the Windows 7 desktop.)

They ranged from: opening paragraphs, 500 word shorts, and 2,000 word story that would need updating- Tinder didn’t exist back then.

Then there’s opening lines that I have no idea of where they were going…

The Dragon is going to be busy…

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