Working on New Projects…

While I await the reader’s report on my contemporary romance, I’ve been catching up on all those tasks I put to one side while I concentrated on editing.

I hope to share the news on one particular project in the next week- if all goes well.

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With the approach of #NaNoWriMo in November, I’ve decided to do an unofficial version. I have a number of novels in various stages from a synopsis and five chapters, to first drafts- some will be under my Serena Lake pseudonym, others my own name.

I’ve decided I’ll use this year’s #NaNo to write out the random scenes and plot ideas that have been lurking in my mind for a while. There’s two or three that I can make progress on.

It’s going to be a challenge, as I prefer to write sequentially. But, I want to make progress so I’m willing to try writing scenes out of order.

There’s further research to do- my reading list is growing, and a few journeys probably won’t happen until next year.

With winter approaching I’m determined to speed up…

2 thoughts on “Working on New Projects…”

  1. This isn’t a bad idea, Carol. I’ve recently been on a course where occasionally they’ll throw up a writing challenge – write 500 words not currently in your book on the premise of… It’s been really helpful to get the old juices flowing again and concentrate the mind on what you want to say.


    1. All sounds positive Sue.

      Writing 500 words without preparation before-hand can produce interesting ideas. It’s not so lengthy you’re thinking more about what to write, rather than diving in and doing. 🙂


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