January Reorganisation…

The Filing Cabinet

I’ve had a large four drawer filing cabinet sat at the edge of my office area for over a year, waiting for me to sort and shift two large archive boxes out of the way and to move the other small units into the gap.

Then, I had to rethink my original plans. I checked online to see if putting the broadband router on top of a metal filing cabinet was okay. As I didn’t want the rest of the family complaining they weren’t getting a Wi-Fi signal, I moved the cabinet sideways four inches and back the same amount.

Well, you know what it’s like: you start shifting things, old paperwork emerges that needs shredding, and random stationary lying around. And once you start you decide you have to get it finished…

Outside Distractions

Building work is ongoing next-door to us, and the scaffolding had to be put on our side of the fence, so my view out the window for now is pipework. The roof structure is in place, but the required wood cutting was noisy.

During the winter I often have a spider’s web visible outside my window- obvious in the early morning when there’s frost or dew. For now, the web is coated with sawdust and I think the spider may have abandoned it. No insect is going to blunder in when they can see the web clearly outlined.

But it does create a photo opportunity.

Spider’s Web revealed…

Folders with bits of paper in; the exciting aspect is I’ve found a hand-written old short story that I no longer had the Word document for- lost because it hadn’t been backed up when my Windows 7 computer died- many years ago. Also, random lines of dialogue, a story summary, and odd paragraphs of short stories never written. All now safely in my filing cabinet for future use.

This week

There’s two large cork boards to be hung on the wall. They’re my image boards for the novels. I’ve got the hooks for hammering into the wall, but I won’t be doing that until I’ve got the spirit level.

Even though things look straight to me, they always tilt to the left if I try to fix the hooks without checking!

Busy weeks ahead…

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