Carol Bevitt

I was seven years old before I could read; letters and sounds finally came together to form words and the wonderful world of books in my local library inspired me to write…

Stories have always been important to me…

I worked my way through all the novels in the children’s books room of our town centre library, graduating to the adult shelves between my fourteenth and fifteenth birthday- and only with the permission of my mother (in person) and the librarian’s discretion on my book choices, I was allowed the freedom to browse the shelves of novels. My choices to check out: mostly historical romance and classics with the occasional science fiction mixed in…

That was when I began writing fiction; a sci-fi saga, that despite my intention, turned into a romance and my main protagonists both had clear back stories.

Aiming for a career in journalism, I went to college to gain the qualifications needed at the time, then (reluctantly) ended up employed in a different job, where romance struck- I met my future husband in the work’s library…

With both Irish and Maltese ancestry in my genetic line, moving country and/or county has been a common factor in my family history, and unsurprisingly I followed that trail too.

Moving from the south-east to Nottinghamshire provided the encouragement to resume writing stories and eventually publication of short fiction in collections/anthologies, and articles, both online and in print. Also taking part in readings before an audience, and short audio pieces.

I’m an active member of Nottingham Writers’ Club, where I’ve undertaken a number of roles in the club’s Committee, including Chairman.

Previously a member of The Romantic Novelists Association’s New Writers’ Scheme.

My pseudonym for writing historical romance set in the 18th and 19th century, is Serena Lake.

My previous blog can be found at Carol’s Corner.

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