Progress and Discoveries…

I’ve recently begun to use Dragon speech to text software to write my current novel.

Muscle pain in my arm, shoulder and neck (residue issues from a vehicle accident a decade ago) began hampering my typing, and I was having to take longer breaks before I could resume what I was doing.

Pleased to say I’m making progress, and the pain has reduced.

There are a few words that have created confusion. I blame my accent for today’s ‘back’ being heard as ‘bach’…

I have old posts over on my Carol’s Corner blog that I’d like to revisit, and use on my archive page. Speech to text will help make the transfer simpler.

While I was searching through memory sticks looking for old photos of Tunbridge Wells for one of those revisited blog posts, I came across a handful of my unfinished short stories.

(I remember writing them-when I was using the Windows 7 desktop.)

They ranged from: opening paragraphs, 500 word shorts, and 2,000 word story that would need updating- Tinder didn’t exist back then.

Then there’s opening lines that I have no idea of where they were going…

The Dragon is going to be busy…

New Pages…

Happy New Year to you all.

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This year, I’ll be reviewing my old blog and featuring a selection of the best posts on my new Archives page.

There will be original content here too.

Along with the archives page, you’ll find another for Resources. Writers cannot help but compile, or save links to useful sites that they hold onto because they know they will need it in future, and I’m no different.

The Resources page will be an ongoing project. I hope you’ll find the links interesting and useful.