Christmas Fun…

A limerick for your entertainment.

Back in 2019, at the Nottingham Writers’ Club Christmas party, there was the usual limerick competition. With ten first lines (source unknown) to choose from, we had 10-15 minutes to write a limerick. All efforts were read out and voted on- with chocolate for the winner.

My entry came second, and this is the first time I managed to write a limerick that scanned.

Lines 2-5 ┬ęCarol Bevitt 2019.

Image and elements from Canva.

I shared this in my recent newsletter, but thought I’d spread the fun wider and add it to the blog.

Samhain Blessings, and Happy Halloween…

The Winter to Come

Samhain blessings, and Happy Halloween to all readers of my blog. I hope the weather is being kinder to you (wherever you are) than it is here- more rain.

Large glass and metal lanterns among bare tree branches
Lanterns in the dark

In-between: writing, learning, social media, and every day life, I grow fruit and vegetables. No, I don’t grow Pumpkins or squashes, but it does appear to have been a good harvest for many growers this year.

I’m back to the work in progress this week, so it won’t bother me if it’s dark and raining outside.

However you celebrate today, have fun and stay safe.

A lit dripping wax candle in a metal stand surrounded by rosy apples and a pumpkin
Harvest and light

Images from

Candle with Pumpkin and Apples by ozaytseva

Spooky Halloween Lanterns by monicore

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