Good Intentions and Snow…

I had plans.

I’d decided to aim for two blog posts a month. I even had partially prepared drafts, but then real life domestic dramas decided to intervene.

No, I won’t bore you with the details. All I’ll say is that I never realised it would be a) so difficult, and b) so time consuming, to get a repair done under a first year warranty.

After that temporary setback to my February plans, I’m back on schedule with the novel and other tasks. I have targets to achieve in 2023; no more delays.

Photo by on

And of course, the low temperatures and snow reached us this time- we often have winters with little or no snow at all.

It was snow Thursday, immediately followed by rain, but I managed to get photos before it disappeared- it was still snowing at this point.

A fine snow layer…

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Happy March.

Moving Swiftly On…

What happened to September’s post, you may ask?

Well, I had a plan, but it didn’t happen as Queen Elizabeth II died, and I didn’t feel right about carrying on blogging and promoting during the mourning period. By the time it was over, the gap in my diary was already filled.

To make up for it, I’m sharing two further posts with you this month.

As I’ve mentioned our late monarch, here’s a picture from the summer of 2012 when the Queen, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (now the Prince and Princess of Wales) visited Nottingham.

A Royal visit in June 2012…

I was in the crowd at the far back of the Market Square, so the big screen was good to see what was happening at the front. There was a balcony appearance too.

Lovely memories…

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