The Wanderer Returns…

The year so far

2021 has been one of those years when life, and not enough hours in the day, have overtaken my writing life. But, I’m getting back into a routine… slowly.

My writing plans for this year were derailed early on. Family health, and my own physical and mental health took priority.

I did manage to get my submission in to The Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme (RNA NWS) with five days to spare for the end of July deadline. It was the first 10k of a 1st draft of novel number 3.

This month I’ve completed the remaining research I need for progressing with novel number 2- the contemporary romance that I submitted into the RNA NWS in 2020 and 2021. Early September I’ll be returning to complete the 2nd draft during this autumn/winter.

I’ve also gathered together my old short stories and flash fiction to see what can be reused, or needs updating. Some have connecting themes, others don’t. I know a few should be ‘left in the drawer’, but others deserve to get an airing. That’s a longer term project at the moment.

The big success this year has been my garden. We put in raised beds last year to grow more fresh vegetables, and to freeze portions for over winter. The exercise has done me good, both physically and mentally.

(I did lose a few plants over that 30-40 degree heatwave, but the rest survived.)

Now, I’m working through my annual update of my websites and checking for broken links. And the same with my social media accounts.

My August leisure activity, has been reading my way through a set of romance novels by Julie Garwood. I have a week to finish my current read, Shadow Dance.

A semi-organised bookshelf…


Writers love books; be they hardback, paperback, audio, or ebooks, we have lots of them. So, I thought I’d share pictures of some of the books in my IKEA Billy bookcases. These may be books for research, general interest, or my fiction preferences. If there’s a story attached, I may share it with you.

Look out for my next post in September…

Out and About…

Since September, I’ve been getting out from home more often- still wearing my face shield and using hand sanitiser.

Many of the regular writer meetings that were part of my life before the pandemic have resumed; Nottingham Writers’ Club, the Nottingham Story Weavers (Nottingham Chapter of the Romantic Novelists Association) and last Friday the Leicester RNA chapter, the Belmont Belles and Beaux, met up.

I’ve not been to Leicester for almost two years, nor on a train for that amount of time. I was a little apprehensive about travelling on the service heading for London, even though I was only going four stops on the quicker journey. So I opted for first class- an unfamiliar experience.

I’d also also forgotten how long the station platforms are!

At Leicester, it’s a short walk to the Belmont, and apart from a couple of shop fronts being revamped, and the cycle track now in action, everything was familiar.

The Belmont- from summer 2019

It was wonderful to all be together again. Chatting and catching up on how our writing is going, new books and more. You could feel the energy in the airy room.

Members of The Belmont Belles & Beaux RNA chapter – November 5th 2021

And if you’re wondering what the book titles are, here’s another image so you can put them on your to-buy list…

Books by the Belles…

I returned home with renewed enthusiasm for my novel, and looking forward to the next gathering in 2022…