The Holiday Weekend is Almost Here…

Early April already!

Here’s a happy bunny and ducks image I hope you’ll enjoy. I posted it on my Facebook page this week-in case you’re not on that platform.

Our local Postbox topper-creator unknown, but very talented…

I’ve been hard at work on my novel manuscript rewrite during March- trying to catch up on time lost due to the January/February’s white-goods drama.

Last Friday (31st March) I was a little under 44,000 words rewritten. I’m never sure what the final length will be until I’ve edited and checked for parts that need attention, but at the moment I’m estimating it will finish around 70,000+ words.

I’m aiming to take the Easter weekend away from the keyboard, and get out into the garden to benefit from the sunlight and fresh air.

There’s a lot still to do: pots to clear, a path to put in place, potatoes to plant, a new large mini greenhouse to put together, and seeds to sow once it’s in position.

Fingers crossed for more sun and less rain.

And if it does rain, there’s always the paintwork in the bathroom that needs work. Glamorous, not!

I won’t mention the boxes sitting in my office space waiting to be sorted; disposal, shredding, or filing…

As for Easter eggs, I’ll be looking for a yummy dark chocolate version that I can eat over three or four days.

I know not everyone sees Easter as relevant, but getting a bank holiday on Friday and Monday is good. Also, many community events take place.

If you’re employed in an essential services industry and working over the extended weekend, a big thank you…

However you’ll be spending the coming weekend and bank holidays, I hope you have a fabulous time.

And if you’re getting an Easter egg- or bunny, what’s your preference: milk, plain, or white chocolate?

Carol. x

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